Donate Hair For The Great Cut

A world record charity hair donation benefitting Children With Hair Loss.

2 Ways To Donate

Be part of an historic attempt to break the Guinness World Records™ title for the most hair donated to charity!

There are two ways you can donate hair for The Great Cut. Both are detailed below, along with hair donation requirements, tips and recommendations.

Donate Hair In Person

This family-friendly event is complete with all-day live music and entertainment, local vendors and craft booths, children’s activities, food trucks, craft beer and spirits, staff and hair replacement recipients from Children With Hair Loss, before & after hair donation photography, and a professional cutting floor the size of a football field, with over 100 caring barbers and hair stylists to provide you with a special and memorable hair donation experience.

Held in a gorgeous indoor-outdoor venue on the shores of the San Diego bay in the #1 travel destination in the U.S….this could be your best vacation of the year.

Hair donors who donate in person will need to register for The Great Cut. Details and registration will be available in late 2023. Learn more about attending The Great Cut.

Donate Hair By Mail

Mail-In Hair Donation Timeline and Instructions

We’ll begin accepting mail-in donations in late 2023. Details and instructions will be posted on this page, including tips for cutting, packing and mailing your hair donation.

Please do not mail hair without going through the process that will be detailed here.

If you wish to donate hair before we begin accepting donations for The Great Cut, please donate to Children With Hair Loss. You can find hair donation requirements and instructions for donating hair on their website.

Hair Donation Requirements

Hair Type & Condition

Hair Length

What Happens to My Hair Donation?

How Do I Know This Is A “World Record” Hair Donation?

What If I Don’t Want
To Donate Hair?

If you don’t have hair to donate, there are many other ways you can support and be part of this world record charity hair donation.

Whose Operation Is This?

What Is The Longhairs?

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