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Get The Right Ticket!

Purchasing a MAIL-IN ticket means the following:
  • You are NOT attending the event
  • You ARE donating your hair
  • ADULT: you will be 16 years or older on 3/16/24
  • YOUTH: you will be UNDER 16 years on 3/16/24
Ticket Type

Guinness World Records has an age restriction requiring that all hair donations counted towards the record come from donors who are 16 years or older. Due to this requirement, we must verify the age of hair donors who are 16+.

Because of this age restriction, hair donations from donors under 16 years won’t officially count towards the record. These special donations will still go to Children With Hair Loss, and youth hair donors will still be an integral part of The Great Cut.

Your mail-in ticket includes a participant gift bag valued at $75+, which will be shipped to you after The Great Cut.

Drawstring Backpack
Commemorative Challenge Coin
Participant Certificate
‘Growing To Donate’ Hair Ties
10 oz Shampoo & Conditioner

The Great Cut is a large, complex endeavor and your fee is what’s making it possible. As a small company with a big vision, The Great Cut is an effort that extends us to our maximum capability and beyond, and frankly comes with a lot of risk. We’re doing it all to put something extraordinary into the world, and because this is the kind of thing companies should do.

In return, your participation will be a forever memory, that you can always look back and be proud of, and know for the rest of your life you were part of a Guinness World Records title attempt—and hopefully a world record! And of course, for the kids who are going to receive our hair, who cannot grow their own, life will be just a little more manageable. 

If you want to donate your hair without paying a fee, we urge you to donate directly to Children With Hair Loss. Your hair will go to the same children, and your donation will be greatly appreciated.

How Mail-In Works

Mail-in donors are the crucial participants who will tip the scales for the Guinness World Records title! In 2019 we had nearly 1,000 mail-in donations, without which we would have never broken the world record.

When you purchase your mail-in ticket, you’ll receive an automated email with detailed instructions on how to prepare, cut, pack and ship your hair donation.

Hair Type & Condition

  • Any hair in good condition will be accepted
  • All hair types are accepted (curly, straight, oily, dry, thin, etc.)
  • Grey hair is accepted
  • Locs (dreadlocks) are accepted
  • Dyed or colored hair is accepted (though non-chemically treated hair is preferred)

Hair Length

The minimum hair donation is eight inches, but the longer the better! In fact, the preferred hair donation is 14 inches or longer!

Mail-In Donation Deadline

Mail-in hair donations must arrive in San Diego no later than Monday, March 11. Donations received after this date may not be processed in time to count towards the record. We recommend shipping your hair donation ASAP, but no later than Friday, March 1. Donations coming from outside the United States should be mailed much sooner.