A Unique, Authentic, High-Impact Sponsorship

We’re proud to offer your business a high-value partnership opportunity with The Great Cut, a world record charity hair donation benefitting Children With Hair Loss.

The value proposition in simple terms: you help us make The Great Cut a huge success, we’ll promote your business with enthusiasm and authenticity unknown to mankind.

What We’re Offering

Here’s what you can expect from your sponsorship of The Great Cut:

A personal introduction of your business to fans, customers and subscribers of The Great Cut,The Longhairs and Children With Hair Loss.

Help Children With Hair Loss provide hair replacements to kids who cannot grow hair.

Be part of an official Guinness World Records title attempt.

Easily generate authentic, quality content for your website, newsletter and social media.

Amplify your business message through callouts, cross-promotion and engagement.

Gain valuable links and SEO juice.

Benefit from local and national media coverage.

Earn the eternal gratitude of The Longhairs and Children With Hair Loss, and the kids and families they serve.

What We’re Seeking

How It Works

We aim to make it easy and straightforward with a minimal investment of time and energy, though we do require some engagement with your marketing team. Here are the first steps: 

  1. Submit a Sponsor Interest Form
  2. Review our Sponsor Benefits menu
  3. We’ll schedule a video chat to talk some shop 

With opportunities for businesses large and small, we’re eager to find a partnership that’s a great fit for your brand.

With Every Sponsor Package

Every sponsor will be provided with these baseline high-impact benefits and support: 

  • Listing on The Great Cut sponsor page 
  • Template content for easy use in social media, email and web
  • Creative consultation for the deployment of digital assets 
  • An official, framed Guinness World Records certificate of participation
  • Two “Growing My Hair To Donate” t-shirts
  • Two gift bags from The Great Cut 
  • Admission for two to The Great Cut

Sponsor The Great Cut and be part of history, and this will surely be the best partnership you’ve been part of.