5 Years in the Making

There will be another cut
After a hair-whipping, karate-kicking, record-breaking success in 2019, The Great Cut 2024 will be similar in many ways—most importantly our mission: a world record hair donation providing hair replacements for children with hair loss.
The Great Cut - Record Breaking Event

What to Expect

Preliminary information
  • There will be a hair-cutting event in San Diego, California (USA)
  • There will be opportunities to donate and/or participate from anywhere in the world
  • A date will be set a year in advance, most likely between March and August, 2024
  • We’ll need (lots of) hair donors, hair professionals, volunteers, entertainers and support from friends, family and our communities to make it happen

Can I Donate?

General donation requirements
  • Minimum hair donation: eight inches
  • Preferred hair donation: 12 inches or longer
  • Hair can be grey, dyed or treated ✅
  • Hair cannot be bleached ❌

Start Growing Now

With enough time for just about anyone to grow their hair long...why wouldn’t you start growing now?
#thegreatcut #whosgrowingwithme