Cut Hair For Charity

…and be part of history!

We are seeking passionate, caring, enthusiastic hair stylists and barbers to help us break the Guinness World Records™ title for the most hair donated to charity!

Tell Me More!


The Cutting Zone

The central focus of The Great Cut is a cutting zone the size of a football field! It’s set up with dozens of individual stations where stylists and barbers will perform haircuts for everyone donating their hair.

Where Is The Hair Donated?

Not Our First Haircut

We broke the world record at The Great Cut in 2019, with over 100 hair stylists and barbers who brought the heart, enthusiasm, and did a whole lot of haircuts. They didn’t just make it possible, they made it special!

How Can I Help?

Come to San Diego for The Great Cut on March 16, 2024. During the event you’ll be asked to work a 4-hour shift doing basic haircuts for men, women and children who are donating their hair. Stay for the rest of the event to eat, drink, laugh and play by the bay!

Are You Guys Crazy?

This might sound crazy, but just look back at the 2019 recap or video. We can say from experience, this was a life-impacting day for everyone who attended—and it will be again in 2024!

How Does It Work?

Stylists and barbers will be asked to purchase a reasonably-priced ticket, which will include all day in-and-out privileges, a gift bag and loads of goodies. 100% of the revenue from your ticket will go towards the operating budget for The Great Cut, and we’ll promise to make it worth it.

Countdown Is On!