About Your Haircut at The Great Cut

The Great Cut For Donating Your Hair

What’s It Gonna Be Like??

For one thing it’s gonna feel breezy, but there’s a lot more you should know about your haircut at The Great Cut. You’ve seen the overview of how it works on the Hair Donor ticket page, but here we cover the intricate details on what you can expect.

If you are a mail-in hair donor, you’re probably looking for mail-in instructions. But if indeed we’re to behold your locks in all their glory on March 16 in San Diego…read on.

Between Now And The Great Cut

If you haven’t already, start treating your hair like it’s someone else’s. Take heed, be mindful, treat it with care, and give the best, most healthy donation you’re capable of. Because like Regina, the Founder of Children With Hair Loss says…

✅ Do keep it hydrated and healthy.
✅ Do comb and/or brush it gently.
✅ Do shampoo & condition with care.

❌ Don’t dye, bleach, or use harsh chemicals.
❌ Don’t let it get dried out, exposed to harsh weather, or caught in machinery.
❌ Don’t get it trimmed. Every inch (and every ounce) is going to count!

Arriving On The Big Day

You should arrive with freshly-shampooed hair, as we don’t have access to wash tubs in the Cutting Zone. We recommend a thorough shampoo (clarifying shampoo if possible) the day before, or the morning of, The Great Cut.

It’s ok to use conditioner during your last shampoo, just be sure to rinse it out, and don’t use any additional products afterwards.

Plan to arrive with completely dry hair. You don’t have to braid or tie it up in advance, though it won’t hurt to have it combed, brushed and/or detangled.

Your Cutting Block

Your haircut will happen during one of three “cutting blocks.” Prior to the event you can let us know if there is a cutting block you prefer, likewise if there is a certain person you want to cut your hair.

Cutting Blocks
9 AM - 12 Noon
12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
4 PM - 7 PM

Please arrive 30 minutes before your cutting block starts and be ready when your proverbial number gets called. This is super important to keeping us on schedule throughout the day!

Before & After of cutting at The Great Cut

Checking In At The Cutting Zone

Approach the check-in station, where you’ll be greeted warmly and we’ll confirm your ticket.

If you are 16 years or older on March 16, we will need to verify your age. This is because Guinness World Records has an age restriction requiring that all hair donations counted towards the record come from donors who are 16 years or older.

Because of this age restriction, hair donations from donors under 16 years won’t officially count towards the world record. These special donations will still go to Children With Hair Loss, and youth hair donors will still be an integral part of The Great Cut.

Step right along to our step-and-repeat, smile big and show off those beautiful locks for a “before” picture. Optional of course, but why not document this historic moment?!

Your Consultation

After your photo you’ll be directed to a kind, caring, and qualified hair stylist or barber. These folks are not only volunteering their time, but purchasing tickets to be hair cutters at The Great Cut!

If it’s anything like 2019, they will bring the heart & soul, and we hope you get acquainted and make a lasting friendship.

There are two things you should be prepared to discuss with your stylist or barber:

  1. How much hair do you want to donate?
  2. How do you want your hair to look after your haircut?

Along with some friendly conversation, and maybe even why you are donating your hair.

The Big Haircut

Depending on how much hair you’re donating, your hair professional will most likely section your hair into 4-8 separate ponytails or braids, which allows for the most usable hair in each donation.

After any last words they’ll ceremoniously cut each pony or braid, and either hand them to you or set them aside. This is the moment when you’ll have really done it.


If you’re donating ALL your hair (i.e. shaving your head), you don’t need to worry about this!

For everyone else, our goal is to provide you with the best haircut possible within our capabilities.

In order to achieve our target number of haircuts, and thus break the world record, we are allocating 30-45 minutes for each haircut. With limited time, hair cutters will have limited tools and resources, working in an unfamiliar, makeshift cutting station.

That being said, they will have cards with pictures that will help you choose what you like. At the end of the day you’ll have a clean and tidy cut, but please don’t expect a “style.” There will be an awesome trucker hat in your gift bag anyway, so you’re covered!

Leaving The Cutting Zone

With a joyful parting salutation, you’ll say goodbye to your hair professional, being sure to take your hair with you.

Proceed to the next step-and-repeat for your “after” photo, and proudly display those freshly-shorn locks for the camera!

Donating Your Hair

At long last you’ll part ways with your locks. Our hair processing team will re-confirm your name and ticket, humbly accept your hair, and weigh it in front of you as everyone cheers.

From there your hair will be tabulated, sorted, officially weighed for the world record, and carefully packaged up for the heaviest hair donation in history.

Soon after the good people at Jon Renau will make your hair into a beautiful, custom hair replacement for a little girl or boy who cannot grow their hair.

Bask In Glory

Step outside and feel the breeze on your skull. Savor a vastly overloaded street taco without a single hair in it, or in your mouth, or face, or eyes. And breathe deeply, throwing all caution to the wind, knowing you won’t inhale hair into your trachea.

It will take some getting used to, but you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy everything The Great Cut has to offer, and the rest of your life to remember being part of something truly special.

World Record Announcement (if necessary)

Should The Great Cut succeed, and in fact break the world record for the most hair donated to charity, currently at 339.14 pounds of hair, we will hold an official world record announcement on the Mane Stage at 8:30 PM local time, following what’s expected to be a stunningly beautiful sunset over the San Diego Bay.

Who Is Coming With You??

Cutting our hair isn’t nearly as fun without our friends, families and loved ones around to cheer us on. The Great Cut 2019 was actually the biggest family gathering in El Rubio’s life!

We invite you to invite your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances to join us in being part of this historic world record event. If you’re not sure how to ask, sending this page is a good first step!



  • Debbie Miller

    I have dyed my hair , will you still accept it ?

  • Levi

    How long is the minimum?

  • Sam

    My daughter will be coming with me but only I am donating my hair. Do I need to get a ticket for her as well?

  • Paul

    I’ll be out of the country during the Great Cut so will be mailing it in.
    Does the person who will cut my hair need to know any special tactic to get the max length, so they don’t chop it into pieces?

  • Paul

    I’ll be out of the country during the Great Cut so will be mailing it in.
    Does the person who will cut my hair need to know any special tactic to get the max length, so they don’t chop it into pieces?

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