Mail Your Hair Donation!

Thank you for registering as a mail-in hair donor for The Great Cut 2024! You are now part of an historic world-record attempt that will help hundreds, if not thousands of kids who can’t grow hair. And the best part is we’re doing it together!

Mail-In Hair Donation Instructions


Please carefully read and closely follow these instructions! This is critically important for us to accept, process, weigh, record, and donate your hair to Children With Hair Loss!

Hair Requirements

Hair Type & Condition

  • Any hair in good condition will be accepted
  • All hair types are accepted (curly, straight, oily, dry, thin, etc.)
  • Grey hair is accepted
  • Locs (dreadlocks) are accepted
  • Dyed or colored hair is accepted (though non-chemically treated hair is preferred)

Hair Length

The minimum hair donation is eight inches, but the longer the better! In fact, the preferred hair donation is 14 inches or longer! We urge you to go as long as you can.

Prepare Your Hair

Clean, Dry & Product-Free

  • Thoroughly shampoo your hair
  • Make sure your hair is 100% dry
  • Do not add product after shampooing

Section Your Hair

Separating your hair into 4-8 sections allows for the most usable hair.

  • Separate and secure each section of hair into a ponytail or braid.
  • Use a rubber band or ponytail holder on both ends.

Take A Picture

Timeout! Take a “before” picture to go with your “after” picture. Optional of course, but why not document this historic moment?? Tag @thegreatcut2024 and @thelonghairs so we can share!

Cut Your Hair

It’s the moment of truth, close your eyes?? Or watch, it’s up to you!

  • Cut each ponytail or braid above the top rubber band.
  • Make sure each ponytail or braid is secured on both ends.

Pack Your Hair

  • Place your ponytails or braids into a clear, zip-top plastic baggie.
  • Print your PDF mail-in donation ticket for The Great Cut.
  • Insert your printed ticket and your hair donation into an appropriate mailing envelope, making sure it’s securely sealed.

Please remember to include your printed ticket so we know whose hair we are receiving!

Sending Multiple Donations

  • If you’ve purchased multiple mail-in tickets, you can pack all your hair donations into the same envelope or mailer, HOWEVER:
  • Each person’s hair donation should go into a separate zip-top plastic baggie.
  • Print each ticket for each hair donation, i.e. one ticket = one hair donation.

Ship It Out

When your printed tickets(s) and your hair donation(s) are sealed into a mailing envelope, you are ready to ship your donation to the following address:

The Great Cut
℅ The Longhairs
2127 OLYMPIC PKWY STE 1006-353
CHULA VISTA, CA 91915-1361

We recommend sending via certified mail or a carrier that provides tracking.

Mail-In Donation Deadline

Mail-in hair donations must arrive in San Diego no later than Friday, March 15! Donations received after this date may not be processed in time to count toward the record. Send your donation immediately!

Your Participant Gift Bag

We will send your gift bag to you after The Great Cut.

Thanks, Gratitude and a New World Record

We wish you could attend in person, but without your mail-in donation The Great Cut wouldn’t be possible. We cannot fully express our appreciation for your participation in this monumental event. Just know that together, we are doing something extraordinary.


We are standing by to assist you with mailing your hair donation. If you have questions or need help, please contact us right away via email, live chat or phone: | 619-393-3971

Here’s to breaking a world record together!