Hair Cutter

Hair Cutter

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Get The Right Ticket!

Purchasing a HAIR CUTTER ticket means each of the following:
  1. You ARE attending the event
  2. You are a qualified hair professional
  3. You will cut hair during a 3-hour “cutting block”
Ticket Type
Every ticket for The Great Cut includes:
  1. All-day admission with in & out privileges
  2. Participant gift bag valued at $75+
  3. 1 drink ticket
  4. 1 raffle ticket

Plus lots of other perks and goodies from our sponsors. Whether you are donating your hair or coming to support, our goal is to provide every participant with an unforgettable guest experience.

Drawstring Backpack
Trucker Hat
Commemorative Challenge Coin
Participant Certificate
‘Growing To Donate’ Hair Ties

Sponsored by Be Care Love
Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser
Makeup Removing Towelettes

Sponsored by BlowPro
Blow Out Non Stick Hair Spray
After Blow Strong Hold Spray
Textstyle Dry Texture Spray

And more!

Your fee is what’s making The Great Cut possible. Please understand this is a large, complex event, funded entirely through ticket sales, product sales and sponsor donations. 

Our costs include the venue, entertainment, Guinness World Records’ participation, staffing, equipment and much, much more. As a small company with a big vision, The Great Cut is an effort that extends us to our maximum capability and beyond, and frankly comes with a lot of risk. We’re doing it all to put something extraordinary into the world, and because this is the kind of thing companies should do. 

In return, your participation will be a forever memory, that you can always look back and be proud of, and know for the rest of your life you were part of a Guinness World Records title attempt—and hopefully a world record! And of course, for the kids who are going to receive our hair, who cannot grow their own, life will be just a little more manageable. 

How It Works for Hair Cutters

Hair professionals are VIPs at The Great Cut! Here’s an overview of the hair cutting and donating experience:

  • You will cut hair during a 3-hour “cutting block.” For the rest of the day you are free to enjoy everything this special event has to offer!
  • During your block you’ll have your own cutting station set up in the Cutting Zone, with everything provided except your shears and clippers (you’ll receive a detailed list of what is provided).
  • Hair donors will come to your station one at a time, where you’ll consult with them, cut their hair donation, and tidy them up. Expect to perform 4-6 total haircuts.
  • Detailed cutting and donating instructions will be provided prior to the event, as well as orientation before your cutting block.
  • You are encouraged to hand out your business card or otherwise promote your business!

March 16, 2024

San Diego, California, USA