Commemorative Challenge Coin

Commemorative Challenge Coin

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Wrought In Iron

One-and-a-half inch, chrome polished, laser engraved, die struck iron challenge coin, presented in acrylic casing, commemorating our historic hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

One of Four Thousand

Each coin is a one-of-a-kind collector’s artifact, individually numbered from 1 to 4,000, celebrating every individual’s unique contribution to The Great Cut.

A VIP Token

Coin holders are true VIPs in the Children With Hair Loss and The Longhairs communities, entitled to all the honors and benefits pertaining thereto.

Holding A Coin

Holding a coin, and the number emblazoned thereon, represents your individual participation in The Great Cut, and the sacrifice it required.

Passing A Coin

Ceremoniously passing a coin holds the symbolic meaning of passing the challenge to another. Gift a coin to challenge a friend, family member or colleague to grow their hair and donate.

Are You A Coin Holder?

Whether you donated hair, time or talent, or purchased a coin later, you answered the challenge, and the sum of our contributions will help provide hair replacements to children for years to come.

When challenged…you either have one, or you don’t.

2024 went down as the 3rd largest hair donation in history! We gave our hair, our time and all our money 😅 Your purchase will us break even and pursue our goal of hosting The Great Cut 2030.

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