The Great East Coast Recruitment Strike


Media Strike & Recruitment Mission

Four media appearances over two days, through four states and a territory, with two live haircuts, a celebrity hairstylist, and one direct nonstop flight back to San Diego…just in time for the evening news.

These are the stories of the men recruiting a nation…and the hair donors who are ANSWERING THE CALL.

Alina McGilloway

Alina had been thinking of donating her hair, but from 2020 onward, through challenges and changes, grieving and loss, she became ever more resolved. Last year she learned about Children With Hair Loss, and The Great Cut, and signed up!

But when she got the call to cut her hair in advance, on CBS Philly, with a chance to encourage others to join our historic attempt, she didn’t hesitate. (And she’s still coming to The Great Cut in San Diego! 😄)


Beau Busby

Meanwhile Beau Busby, our very own Sigma Nu Fraternity brother (Kappa Phi), who knew El Rubio as a shorthair, learned about The Longhairs and had been dutifully growing long hair since The Great Cut 2019.

With a chance to link-up with long-lost brethren on the eastern seaboard, Brother Busy drove eight hours in each direction to donate two feet of flow, in thrilling fashion, LIVE on FOX 5 DC.


Extraordinary Lengths

Alina and Beau are two of thousands who are donating their hair for an extraordinary world record attempt. Follow El Rubio and Elefante on their east coast media strike and targeted recruitment mission for The Great Cut 2024.




  • Gwen Schneider

    So proud of everyone for donating. I sent mine in a couple of weeks ago. Praying that you received it in time for this weekend.

  • Glynn Johnson

    Where may I find out more about what the qualifications are for donating your hair. I believe that your cause is something that I find very grateful and I would like to find out more and what I could do to help spread awareness of your cause thanks and look forward to hearing back. I would like to have enough information so that I can share with my followers on my live streams.

  • John Stauffer

    Extra special stories and huge shoutouts to these two donors; I’m joining The Great Cut in SD to donate for this most worthy cause!

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