Cutting Hair at The Great Cut


The Biggest Haircut In History

The Great Cut is just a few days away! Here are all the details you need for a fun and successful record-breaking day.

Meet Your Cutting Captains
Suzi Bond & Emily Buckwalter

Cutting Time and Arrival

You are assigned to a three-hour “cutting block.” If you haven’t selected your cutting block, or you need to change it, you may do so here.

During the rest of the day you are free to enjoy everything this special event has to offer. Please arrive at the Cutting Zone 15 minutes before your cutting block.


A) 9 AM - 12 Noon

B) 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

C) 4 PM - 7PM

Your Cutting Area

When you arrive, one of our Cutting Captains will ask your specialties (barbering, style cutting, tying/braiding, etc). You’ll be assigned to a station where the right donors will be directed to you.

Your station will include: a six-foot table, chair, mirror, one electrical outlet, disposable combs, sanitizing products for implements & tools, rubberbands, capes, Sanek strips, a spray bottle with water, and assorted styling products.

Bring Your Own

Please plan to bring your own cutting shears, clippers/trimmers, sectioning clips, and anything else not listed (e.g. your favorite cutting combs/brushes or personal tools you love). Also be sure to bring your business cards!

The Cutting Plan

We’re allocating 30-45 minutes for each haircut, for a total of 4-6 haircuts during your three-hour cutting block.

As each hair donor arrives, you’ll hold a brief consultation, asking how much hair they want to donate, and how they want their hair to look afterwards.They can choose from several basic haircut sketches (provided), ranging from medium lengths and barbered cuts to buzz cuts.

Don’t Waste Hair!

In order to get the most usable hair from each donation, it’s very important that each donor’s hair is tied into ponytails or braids.

  • Braids or ponytails should be tied at both ends.
  • Hair should be completely dry when cut.
  • Cut each section just above the rubberband, as close to the scalp as possible while preserving the desired hair length.

Once you’ve cut each braid or ponytail, place them in the provided hair donation baggie and hand it to the hair donor.

The Finished Product

Understanding the time limitations, we ask that you “clean them up,” to look as tidy as possible with the time and tools available (i.e. blow drying will be limited).

Your hair donor should leave your station with their hair baggie in hand, which they will deliver to the hair processing station. From there each hair donation will be officially weighed and tabulated for the Guinness World Records title attempt.

Any additional questions can be answered by our Cutting Captains!

Lastly, you are encouraged to hand out your business card or otherwise promote your business. We hope you have tons of fun, an incredible experience, and we’re extremely grateful for your participation!



  • Caro Ellis

    Super excited!!!! 😆 can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Lindsay

    H – you are going to be good to go. Don’t worry we have extras of everything.

    Jane – LOL OK!

  • Jane

    Sounds horrific

  • H

    Would have been VERY BENEFICIAL to have received this email last week! I’ve been sending emails, trying to get this information.. with not much in response! I’ve just flown across the country .. WITHOUT all these things, because no one answered me. I have scissors, that’s it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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