We are fortunate and grateful to have over a dozen businesses sponsoring The Great Cut. We have a personal connection with every sponsor, all of whom are making a valuable contribution that will help make The Great Cut a smashing success.

As each sponsor is giving something to help us achieve our mission, your patronage will help us return the value they are providing.

Take a few minutes to explore each of these business and brands. Visit their websites, subscribe to their email lists, follow them on social media and buy from them. Thanks Champ!


These sponsors are going above and beyond to make The Great Cut special.
Quality shades that won’t break the bank, they are the original, affordable, Southern California sunglasses. Featured in basically every outdoor video we’ve ever published, local San Diego favorites, longtime homies of The Longhairs, and past sponsor of Long Manes & Candy Canes.
Handcrafted artisan roasted coffee, independently owned & operated from San Diego, enjoyed by longhairs and other coffee lovers worldwide. Founding location a stone’s throw from the birthplace of The Longhairs in Little Italy, and past sponsor of Long Manes & Candy Canes.

Preserving the 150-year-old history of his great great grandfather and Irish immigrant Matthew Henebery, our close friend and San Diego entrepreneur Jesse Fanning has refined the craft of distilling this 90 proof rye whiskey with natural flavors, resulting in a spirit worth celebrating.


Established in 1984, Jon Renau has evolved into the world’s leading international manufacturer of wigs, hair toppers and hairpieces. With a passion for innovation, a dedication to finding solutions for every stage of hair loss, and a commitment to unparalleled educational support to the hair community, we welcome you to discover all we have to offer.


Each of these sponsors appeared on Shark Tank and landed a deal with Mark Cuban, sharing a unique privilege with The Longhairs of being part of the Mark Cuban Companies portfolio.

You can watch many of their episodes on Shark Tank at For episodes you can no longer watch (including ours), you can purchase them on iTunes for $3.



Shark Tank: Season 7, Episode 24

You don’t have to be a proficient surfer to ride the waves. Slyde handboards enhance the body surfing experience, giving anyone a chance to have fun in the ocean and possibly even appear on Kook of the Day. Ride, smile and have the end it’s all about the stoke.

Bottle Breacher

Shark Tank: Season 6, Episode 8

“Does anyone have a bottle opener?” -You, never again. With Bottle Breacher hand crafted .50 caliber bottle openers made by active duty service members and veterans, you’ll never have to open another bottle with your teeth resulting in a visit to the dentist in Mexico ever again.


Shark Tank: Season 9, Episode 12

Cold soaked oats that fuel hard work, hard play, and healthy lifestyles. A fellow San Diego Mark Cuban Company, we linked up for a team dinner in Escondido and we’re basically family now. They’ll have a booth at The Great Cut, slangin oats and “bringing the noise.”

Reely Hooked Fish Co.

Shark Tank: Season 9, Episode 11

These guys are changing the way people eat smoked fish dip forever. I didn’t know what that meant since I had never eaten smoked fish dip...but we can tell you now the stuff is longhair approved. Co-founded by a fellow longhair, we have a lot in common with these boys.

Combat Flip Flops

Shark Tank: Season 7, Episode 16

If you are going into combat, you absolutely do not want to be wearing flip flops. This incredible business makes an impact in the world by growing entrepreneurs in conflict zones, building communities and funding women’s education. We could not be more proud to support them.


Shark Tank: Season 4, Episode 18

Co-founded by a fellow longhair, Chapul is tackling the world’s unsustainable food problem by creating healthy, delicious, sustainably-produced protein powders and food products out of crickets. You’ll get a chance to try them out at The Great Cut.

Nuts & More

Shark Tank: Season 4, Episode 18

Addictively delicious high protein energy bars, nut butters and spreads.



Q Swimwear

Competitive swimwear designed by swimmers for swimmers. Never settle for boring swimwear again. Immediate next-door neighbors to The Longhairs original HQ in Little Italy, and longtime friends. We used their sublimation machine to print the first ever Hair Ties For Guys prototype.

Westside Love

Street and activewear brand designing and producing high-quality, thoughtfully considered products in the spirit of the West Coast.

Party Pop

The finest air-popped popcorn in the world. Local San Diego startup founded by friend since birth of El Chuckarino. Remember: it would not be a poppin party without Party Pop.

The Lion’s Share

A refined San Diego establishment offering meticulously prepared food and spirits with undivided attention. It’s a classy joint whose owners graciously hosted the on-site filming of “How To Tie A Man Bun (Without Calling It That), a sporting fraternity affair.

Bearcat Tattoo Gallery

A group of tattoo artists with a passion for fine art, in a creative space that’s part tattoo studio, part art gallery.

Chrome Digital

Photo and fine art printing in Little Italy. Print on metal, wood, acrylic & more. longtime homies of The Longhairs, and past sponsor of Long Manes & Candy Canes. #neighborhoodwatch

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