Tickets For The Great Cut


We are amazed at the number of questions we’ve gotten about when tickets for The Great Cut will be available. It’s a great sign everyone is stoked…and so are we because tickets are officially live!

That means it’s time to secure your registration and firm up your plans for The Great Cut, because these tickets are hotter than a T. Swift concert at a Kansas City Chiefs game.


Ticket Types

The first thing you’ll notice is different ticket types for Hair Donors, General Admission and Mail-In Donors (each with adult and youth options) as well as Hair Cutters (barbers and stylists).

We’ve done our best to make it clear which ticket is right for you, as well as explain how it all works for each ticket type. We’ve tried to cover every detail, but if you notice anything missing or you have any questions, please let us know.

Lastly, the application we’re using for purchasing, delivering, tracking and scanning tickets is pretty slick. Hoping it’s a smooth and easy experience for you.

Our Pricing Philosophy

We put a great deal of thought into ticket pricing, taking into consideration everything this event has to offer, how long it lasts, the overall experience, and what a concert, fundraiser, or other events can cost these days.

We hope everyone understands this is a big, complex affair, funded entirely through ticket sales, product sales and sponsor donations.

Our costs include the venue, entertainment, Guinness World Records’ participation, staffing, equipment and much, much more. As a small company with a big vision, The Great Cut is an effort that extends us to our maximum capability and beyond, and frankly comes with a lot of risk. We’re doing it all to put something extraordinary into the world, and because this is the kind of thing (we believe) companies should do.

In return, your participation will be a forever memory, that you can always look back and be proud of, and know for the rest of your life you were part of a Guinness World Records title attempt—and hopefully a world record!

And of course, for the kids who are going to receive our hair, who cannot grow their own, life will be just a little more manageable.

All said, we feel like the pricing we ended up with is not just reasonable, but an excellent value—especially with launch pricing for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Expected Turnout?

Between hair donors, hair professionals, general admission and volunteers, just over 1,300 kindhearted souls attended The Great Cut in 2019, in addition to nearly 1,000 mail-in donors.

Considering that was our first time—we hadn’t proven anything yet, it was still a big question whether we could pull it off—and that we’ve now been talking about this for several years, and exponentially more people know about it this time around…

…AND the fact tickets have been live for 90 minutes at the time of this writing, and we’re already over 100 tickets sold…there is little doubt we’ll see between 2,000 - 2,500 of our closest friends at The Great Cut 2024, with another 1,500 - 2,000 mail-in donations.

And it’s gonna take every single one of us. Whether we see you in San Diego, or you mail in your hair, or however you can get involved, we thank you in advance for all the support you can lend—and here’s to being part of something extraordinary.


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