Jon Renau Helps Break World Record Hair Donation

The Real Champs

It’s realistic to say we might not have broken the world record for the most hair donated to charity without the support from our premier sponsor, Jon Renau.

A global leader in alternative hair, and the company that manufactures custom hair replacements for Children With Hair Loss, Jon Renau made MVP-caliber contributions to The Great Cut in 2019.

Therefore it’s with no small measure of joy, and a concentrated burst of enthusiasm that we announce Jon Renau will once again sponsor The Great Cut in 2024.

Servant Leadership In Action

After an early financial contribution in 2019, the team at Jon Renau helped plan logistics for the Cutting Zone, then provided crucial leadership at the event with an orientation and pep talk for all the stylists and barbers doing haircuts.

The company bought tickets for and sent no fewer than 10 hair stylists from their own staff, while their volunteers oversaw the hair collection by accepting, logging, sorting and preparing hair donations for official weight checks.

If that was all we could have asked or hoped for, Jon Renau made a final donation of $6k at the end of our 2019 fundraising campaign, by which we hit our goal of $50k donated to Children With Hair Loss.

Wigs, Toppers, Extensions, Hair Replacement & More

Established in 1984 by John and Stella Reynolds, Jon Renau has evolved into the world’s leading international manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions.

Experts in alternative hair and global industry leaders, they proudly offer more than 1,500 different wig styles, hair extensions, hair additions, hairpieces, headwear, and hair care products, partnering with 2,000+ local boutiques, oncology centers, hospitals, large retailers and prominent e-commerce sites across the U.S. and the world.

Having spent time with Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds on several occasions, including the Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball, The Great Cut 2019 and at the Jon Renau U.S. headquarters just up the I-5, they are flat out some of the best people, and one of the best companies we’ve had the privilege to be associated with.

Show Your Gratitude for Jon Renau

If you are pulling for the success of The Great Cut, and we know you are, help us show our gratitude to an instrumental supporter and partner, our premier sponsors, Jon Renau.


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