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Doing Things The Hard Way
Since 2014

In fall 2018 we were pitching sponsors for The Great Cut. Sitting down with Jesse Fanning, co-founder of Henebery Spirits, we eagerly explained our goals, vision and purpose with intricate detail.

After a thoughtful pause, considering all we’d told him, he conclusively summarized his assessment of our plans:

Well…you guys aren’t doing it the easy way.

Hadn’t thought of it that way; but haven’t thought of it any other way since then.

He was right, we have never sought the easy way. Not that we intentionally seek the hard way (though it often seems like it), but hearkening back to our core focus, we rather place value on doing things right. And rarely is the right way the easy way.

People Who Always Say Yes

Answering the call in 2019, not only did Jesse Fanning and the Henebery team procure, provide and serve alcoholic beverages and manage the associated logistics at The Great Cut, effectively rendering a thousand persons cheerfully intoxicated, but they donated over $2k toward our fundraising effort for Children With Hair Loss.

Dating back to Long Manes & Candy Canes 2014, Henebery has sponsored The Longhairs and our efforts no fewer than half a dozen times, only limited by the number of times we’ve asked.

Henebery To Sponsor Again, Maintain Perfect Streak

And so when asking Henebery if they would sponsor The Great Cut again in 2024, and manage entirely our adult beverage operations, we could hardly finish speaking before Jesse replied:

We’ve got it. The permit, the license, providing, serving…we got it all. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

We could have teared up. In part because their help will be an integral part of our success, but no less because someone sees what we’re doing, and what we’re putting into it, and recognizes and appreciates the effort and the principle behind it, and for that reason is willing to roll their sleeves up and get involved.

Thus we are proud to announce Henebery Spirits is a premier sponsor for The Great Cut 2024, and with their help and yours, together we are going to do something extraordinary.

Henebery Sprits

Preserving the 150-year-old history of his great great grandfather and Irish immigrant Matthew Henebery, our dear friend and San Diego entrepreneur Jesse Fanning has refined the craft of distilling this 90 proof rye whiskey with natural flavors, resulting in a spirit worth celebrating.

If You Drink Whiskey

We encourage you to support The Great Cut by supporting our premier sponsor, and purchase a bottle of Henebery Celebrated Whisky, or another of their fine craft spirits.

They’ve even provided a generous discount code for friends of The Longhairs:



Our Celebrated Whiskey Guarantee
If you purchase a bottle and you don’t absolutely love Henebery Celebrated Whiskey, we promise to finish the entire bottle for you. All we ask is you ship it to The Longhairs HQ.

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