What’s the reason you decided to attend?

I'm nervous and excited! The day after Christmas I gave my hair a good wash, brush, the works and I noticed my hairline was different. I noticed I had traction alopecia from the ponytails I tend to wear. Two bald spots the size of a quarter, one on each side of my forehead. I'm a little embarrassed but I had a small panic attack about losing all of my hair (which shouldn't happen to me...I'm at a good 18 inches from 5 years of not cutting it).

I got over the panic attack, but have been more careful with my hair since. So then I got to yesterday and watched the video of the girl on the front page and hearing her talk about being bullied as a kid for having full on alopecia really got to me. Here I am, 31 years old and freaking out over two quarters worth of hair while this brave girl has had to go through so much...

That little blurb in the FAQ was the final straw. "How will I muster the courage to carry this out? By thinking about the child who will get your hair." I'm so pumped for a kid somewhere to be able to share something I've been blessed with. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find a quiet spot to sob in the parking lot like a real G.

Thanks for putting this together!

-Edwin Zuniga

This will be my second time donating my hair. My best friend and I have been growing ours out together for 3 years. He has been a fan of the long hairs for a while and was interested in going to the great cut when you announced it. He convinced me to go so we both registered. We are from NY so we're making a whole trip traveling to San Diego.


I decided to register because I am in need of a change and was planning to donate my hair when I did that. It also sounded cool to participate in an attempt at a world record and I have a friend in the area that I’ve been meaning to visit for several years now. Everything seemed to align perfectly!


I wouldn't miss it!

I'm actually trying to work out my spring travel plans as we speak to make sure my locks get sheared in San Diego come March 16th.

Also, I actually did finish writing an "El Nomada’s Long Hair Survival Kit for Travelers" post, but I dropped the ball on snapping good travel pics with the merch for it to finish it off.

I'm currently wintering over in Chiang Mai, Thailand so that should be pretty easy to finish up quick if you're still interested in having it on your blog. I'll also be doing a visa run to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia in a few days, staying in an apartment building with "The highest infinity pool in KL" so a hairwhip vid and some hair ties for guys pics with the twin Petronas towers in the background may be in order for the LH social feeds. 😉

Looking forward to the Great Cut in March,


One cause I have my hair long and I wanted to cut it and what a better reason to not just throw it away, and if it could be for a good cause.


Anytime his hair looks ready I ask my son what he wants to do with it and let me know when he's ready. His answer is always the same, "When I'm ready I want it to help the sick babies that don't have hair".

He says it every time someone calls him a pretty little girl but I warned him it would happen lol. I wanted to make sure I had the directions and needed to print the paper to fill out and I saw a couple emails and shared with him how many kids have had help and let him know how great it is (he usually helps when I volunteer with the elderly so he's loving that these are kids like him).

So, we probably can't afford to fly out and he thought it sounded cool so, why not? And we get to give a little with the hair.

-Super Mommy

It will be my second time donating. Been following you guys for a while now, glad I can be able to donate my hair to a good cause.


It's for a great cause and a trip to San Diego seemed like as good a place as any for a cut. Hope this turns out to be a great event. Looking forward to it.

See you there!


I've Been letting it ride for about 23+ years now dudes. After leaving a school with a very conservative dress code I decided it was time to be myself and let my hair down, and I have never looked back! Hopefully will be able to continue this flow for a long time to come, into old age, because I think I would totally rock the merlin look.


I've been growing out my hair to donate to Children with Hair Loss and figured it was long enough this spring. I was looking to visit my daughter in April for her birthday (in San Diego) but when I heard about this event I decided to go out a month earlier. She'll have more birthdays! 🙂

I'm excited to be a part of this event!


I have been growing my hair out for a little over 4 years now. I found you guys on youtube as I was trying to learn how to tie up my hair. I have bought some products and love them. I believe I still have a few hair ties from the first collection (V1's)

Excited to come out and donate my hair and meet some fellow longhairs.

I did have a question about where to stay. I see that there are plenty of hotels near the event. But are there any neighborhoods or areas to stay near great food that I should look for?

Thanks and look forward to an awesome weekend.


Hello! I am donating with my daughter. This will be her 2nd time donating, and my first. We are both donating our hair in honor of a dear family friend who WON her battle with ovarian cancer. When she lost her hair due to chemo we decided we wanted to do something good. We are getting ready to donate, and I found out about The Great Cut. We might as well go out big and be a part of this event.


I'm very excited to be there!! This will be my 3rd time donating my hair to Children with Hair Loss, they're an amazing organization so I couldn't miss out on The Great Cut.


We are excited too! My fiancee and I as well as one of our friends are planning on donating. My fiancee has been growing out his hair since his last day as a Marine. Taking the train down from Orange County and making a weekend out of it 🙂 Looking forward to it.


You all make great products (I use your hair ties daily and headwraps fairly regularly - they are sturdy and incredibly durable!). And, your partnership with Children With Hair Loss is commendable. They have a truly admirable mission and I am stoked to contribute to some of their work! I have cut my hair a few times in the past for donation but I have never been a part of an attempted world record! I find that pretty cool, too.

Also, it is taking place in San Diego...I love San Diego! (I grew up in Arizona a fairly 'short' distance away - I spent a lot of time in San Diego in the early 2000s and miss it) It is a great excuse for my wife and I to take a trip to sunny California and enjoy some time together (her hair is not long enough to donate at the moment, but she is quite supportive)

I look forward to the event. Thank you, Longhairs, for organizing all of it!


Yo Mon, you are welcome. And thank you for your response, now i am getting pumped!

This will be my second time donating my Mane, first time was way back when mullets were socially acceptable.


Hey guys that’s epic! I’m really happy to say that I’ve done this once and am currently working on my second 10 inches for them. And also that it’s awesome that y’all are partners with such a great organization like LoL. Keep up the good fight!

-James from Tennessee

Always shaved head, decided to grow it out to donate. I’m on 4 years growth! Want to grow it a bit longer so I’m not back to the awkward stage when 10-12 inches go. Stoked to see how far your dreams have come; let it ride!


Started 2 years ago when I was 80. Always had a Flat Top, now I can donate it when the time comes.


You guys rock!! Any and every long hair I meet I tell them about your page and give referral cards. I’ll see how many of my buds I can get to post progress pics and I’ll send one tonight. I plan to donate some of my mane in the spring, but not enough to be a short hair again, will let it ride again after the donation as well.


I donated 11 inches of hair just about 3 months ago. The first picture is before I cut my hair, the second is after I cut 11 inches off, and the third is 3 months of growth. Super cool post idea, looking forward to seeing everyone’s hair updates!


Have donated my hair once and doing so had to go through that awkward phase twice! Smartened up this time and decided to go 4 yrs instead of two. Truly awesome site and will gladly be handing those cards out!


While some Longhairs may not mind having their hair fried, blown-out, extensions, permed, etc., know what you want, I for one do not want color or heat near my hair as I donate my lusciousness to an organization to help women and children who want wigs.


Number one reason for signing up was to support a great movement in support of The Longhairs (and an old homie El Rubio!) and their quest to make a positive influence on both CWHL and men seeking ‘The Longhair(s) Lifestyle’.

Just had to make sure I could get the weekend off work to make it happen!

Keep up the hard work boys!!


Taika my son would love to attend the Great Cut in person, but we live in Japan so it’s a bit difficult to fly over. Taika was thrilled to hear he could send in his donation! Taika’s been growing his hair out for almost four years. He’s attending the World Scout Jamboree in WV this summer, so we suggested he cut his hair short enough so it looks neat, is easily manageable, and can be tied up while camping. His sister donated her locks twice, so he wanted to donate his hair to kids who could use it. He’s been using your hair ties and serum, so when we saw the Great Cut, it was the perfect timing. Taika will cut his hair on his 14th birthday at the end of February, and send the locks over in time for the Great Cut.

Here he is with his mane let down!

We’re happy to be participating in the Great Cut from Japan!


I’ve been growing out my hair for years, and this is the first donation experience that really resonated with me. I’m nervous, but also very stoked.


WHY? I love the cause and the thought of my hair helping a little kid who can't grow their own hair feel better about themselves.

BIGGEST OBSTACLE? I'm traveling from Thailand to participate and can't stay in the U.S. for very long due to financial reasons so it's going to be a logistical and financial burden for me, but one I think is worth it if can improve the quality of life for someone.


The #1 reason I'm attending is because the organization I will be donating to, Children with Hair Loss. This will be my second hair donation and I want to make sure the donation will go to the right charity again.


I've always wanted to donate my hair. I checked several donation groups and I wasn't happy with how they functioned or charged their sick clients a obscene amount of money. People have legitimate reasons for needing hair and to gouge them for their specific need is cruel. It's just hair, and mine grows like an evil weed seeking revenge. So if can give it to someone who can't grow it, then I'll continue my love hate relationship with long to short hair and keep donating until I can't. Cant wait to chop this all off so it can go to someone in more need of it then myself


I am attending because I love Children Without Hair Loss. I also get tired of my long heavy hair and enjoy a short cut. Then, inevitably, I miss being able to braid my hair and grow it all out again!


What’s your reason?

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